Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SLJ Round One, March Three: Frog versus Percy

What a match-up! Darn that alphabetical order. The Frog Scientist versus Mr. I've Got A Movie and You Don't, aka The Last Olympian.

The Judge who has to decide between the smarties and the populars? Candace Fleming.

So, was there a JUMP to win? Or an OLYMPIC sized win?

Alas, science no longer triumphs over myth -- one interpretation of yesterday's selection. Yes, my friends, Fleming has made my niece and nephew happy by selecting their favorite, Percy Jackson.

Tho honestly speaking? Niece is now a total fangirl of the Warriors, and had that been in the running that would have been her pick.

No, not this warriors:

The CAT warriors.


Fleming does a terrific job of advocating for each book; and if someone had not read either one before now, especially if that someone was me, now they would be tracking down copies to start finding out more about frogs and Roman zombies. It's pretty clear that Fleming realized what a tough choice she had; it had to come down to something, some reason to pick one and not the other. For her, the reason for picking Percy Jackson was....




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