Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SLJ Round Three, Match One

CharMa! CharMa! CharMa!

Sadly, all Megan Whalen Turner can say to me is LoCo! LoCo! LoCo!

Perhaps it is because Turner loves a book with conspiracy in the title.

Perhaps she and Fuse #8 are in a conspiracy for me to finally read the 576 page book.

Meanwhile, I am giggling madly thru Turner's entire decision. She, of the Thief books, does not like suspense yet delights in writing books that twist and turn! Confession: half or more of the books I read? I read the last chapter first. Second confession: I do not do that with Turner's books, and even if I did, it wouldn't tell me the ending.

And sigh... my favorite paragraph, which shows why I adore this writer: "The point of BoB, is that the judges have axes to grind, and I am happy to identify mine. (Besides the no-dead-dogs one, to which I’ve already confessed.) A writer who asks a lot from the reader is a writer who believes the reader can deliver. That’s a writer with a lot of respect for her audience. It’s a risk for an author to demand so much, and I want Hardinge to be rewarded for it."

OK, already! I am picking up The Lost Conspiracy and reading it as soon as I go offline.

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