Friday, March 26, 2010

SLJ Round Two, Match Two

Oh, how a vowel will matter. The LAST Olympian versus The LOST Conspiracy.

Angela Johnson makes a decision that pleases Fuse #8.

Let's just say, that if this was being done in a arena, for the next match? Fuse would be on one side, face painted to match the jacket cover, chanting "LoCo! LoCo!"

While I would be cosplaying it up in my mid 19th century garb, dress and all, responding "CharMa! CharMa!"

Yes, I know this is brief, but better a short post than no post at all!

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Fuse #8 said...

Even better, I'd be grinning widely with elaborate paintings on each of my teeth ala the Lace. And tattoos of the two covers of the book (The Lost Conspiracy on the left and Gullstruck Island on the right) on each arm.


Peaceful Reader said...

I'd watch1 I think The Last Olympian should win!!

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