Thursday, March 18, 2010

SLJ Round One, Match Four: Lips or Lost?

Lips Touch, full of kisses and longing and romance and fantasy.

The Lost Conspiracy, the book voted "most likely to be bought by fans of the TV show who cannot be convinced there is no hidden code in the book." (Psst... word on the street if if you read the 1st word twice, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so on through the Fib sequence you find the secret to the Island. Don't tell Sawyer)

The Judge: Helen Frost.

The fact that Frost chose The Lost Conspiracy to move on up is really beside the point.

Because here is how Frost ends her decision: "Christina Rossetti has not only rolled over in her grave, but climbed up out of it, and here she comes now, marching down the road with Cactus and Evie. They’re bringing her up to speed on the Internet, blogs, comments. . . . They keep walking, thinking. Where would Kizzy be? With the Beautiful Boy, Jack Husk, of course, but where? They need help. And look—someone is approaching to offer it. Who are these two? Ah…it’s Hathin and Arilou. Arilou is scoping out the cemetery, leading the others right to the young lovers."

Yes. Like any so many readers before (and since), Frost wanted a different ending. And wrote it. And then included characters from RL (real life) and The Lost Conspiracy. Friends, I give you: an alternate ending crossover fanfiction with real person fanfiction. I am just so happy!! If only I had had this example back when Carlie and wrote When Harry Met Bella. Because if Helen Frost does it, it has to be right!


Want to know what else is made of awesomesauce? Frost is such a good sport, she commented over at all our comments to the decision!

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