Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SLJ Round Two, Match Four

Shannon Hale gets to look at a lot of pictures: The Storm in the Barn and Tales From Outer Suburbia.

Despite having quibbles with the cover of Tales from Outer Suburbia, and despite having love for The Storm in the Barn, Hale goes with Tales from Outer Suburbia. Hale says, "They’re both obviously terrific books, but that one just stuck to me longer. I’m sure another judge could easily rule the other way."

If there is one take away we have from this Battle, its that different judges can easily lead to different decisions.

Another is how well a book sticks. Sometimes, bloggers review books immediately after they are read. Sometimes, bloggers wait a bit before writing.

While when I write my reviews is usually based solely on when I have time (and how much time), waiting does allow a book to further prove itself by withstanding the passage of time. Or, sadly, shows that it was not perhaps as strong a read, if when one sits in front of a computer one can remember little about the book other than a certain fondness, like for a place one used to live but does not care to return to.

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