Monday, March 15, 2010

SLJ BoB, Round One, Match One: Charles v Claudette

And SLJ's Battle of the Books begins with a non-fiction versus non-fiction brawl: Charles and Emma take on Claudette Colvin. The decision-maker? Jim "Truce" Murphy.

And the winner of this round, after much rereading by Mr. Murphy? Why, it's evolution, baby, evolution.

My two fave parts about Mr. Murphy's decision:

His initial description of the triumphant Charles and Emma (CharlMa? Emles? If these two are advancing, we need to decide!): "Get over it you rich twits! There are people out there who are really suffering!” My confession, now. In reading Charles and Emma, especially doing so after watching The Hanging Gale, I kept wondering what CharlMa thought about the Irish Famine and Catholics. And then put aside that and read the book. An important thing... to read the book in front of you.

Mr. Murphy's observations of Claudette reminded me of questions raised recently by Colleen at Chasing Ray: "Claudette’s first-person accounts (gathered when she was an adult) present her fifteen-year-old self with immediacy and passion; but I kept feeling this youthful view needed more analysis and introspection from her adult self to make this more than a one note story (as important as that story is)."

So, one member of Team NonFiction advances! Go CharlMa, Go CharlMa, Go!

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