Monday, March 01, 2010

Reading Rants New Look

Reading Rants, Jen Hubert's website, has a new look. Go over and see how spiffy it is!

Jen has been writing about teen books, for teens, and putting her reviews on line for over ten years. Yep, she started back in 1998. How long ago is that in Liz years? I was still practicing law, my friends.

In addition to her reviews, all aimed at teens, she does awesome, fun, wonderfully titled lists such as Dead Heads and Mosh Pits and The Coolest Classics You Never Even Heard Of.

Also? In 2007, she put all that into a book: Reading Rants: Guide to Books That Rock!

The website is aimed at the teen reader; the book is aimed at librarians, booksellers, and teachers who need and want to know more about the book. Plus, you get even more of Jen's wit, wisdom, and YA lit knowledge.

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