Thursday, March 25, 2010

SLJ Round Two, Match One; CharMa and Calpurnia

Team CharMa versus Calpurnia

Real scientists versus fictional ones

And MT Anderson; oh MT Anderson; you do not disappoint.

Tho, to tell the truth, when I think of authors strolling and talking Lit'rary Talk, I don't imagine topiaries in the shape of characters from their book.

I always thought you had marble statutes with outfits that changed. Dress up the characters for seasons, holidays, special events...


Anderson is the guy who I want to ask to the Prom. Because when he says "no, I have a date I like better than you" he will do it in such an awesome way that I will walk away with head high, pride intact, feeling just as pretty, smart, etc as his Prom Date, knowing it's just he likes another girl better not that the other girl is better.

Who did he pick?

Team CharMa! And I'm so disappointed more people aren't picking up Team CharMa as a rallying cry.

One final thing I loved about Anderson's review: I'm not the only one who read Calpurnia thinking the Grandfather would die! Oops, was that a spoiler?

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Lisa Jenn said...

"After eight pregnancies, I lost track, and started to develop a wearying sense that no sooner did Emma D. stumble out of the borning-room, a new babe delivered into its swaddling clothes, than her husband was lurking in the corridor, crooking a come-hither finger and whispering about the origin of the species."


mta said...

Aww, Liz, you can ask me to the Prom ANY time!

-- mta