Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh My Pretty

. Bass Shoes.

I love them.

Thus far have only worn with jeans.

Any other fashion suggestions? I am also looking for just the right socks to go with.

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christine M said...

Very nice! I'd go with argyle socks. Not sure what other fashion suggestions. You could wear them with a pleated skirt and look like we're back at SJV again. :)

Jan von Harz said...

White ankles for dress and knee socks for casual, plaid pleated skirt required.

Adele said...

no suggestions just wanted to say gorgeous!

Peaceful Reader said...

Beautiful and I would wear them with skirts as well. Love them!! I would choose a variety of socks like blue and white striped, argyle and white with lace edges-for the skirts:) Enjoy!

Liz B said...

Christine, I had the A line skirt at SJV. Sad, sad fashion memories.

Jan, hmmm...must check to see what plaid skirts I have that still fit.

Hagelrat, thanks!

PeacefulReader, love the idea of stripes & argyle.

tanita✿davis said...

I am a big Bass fan myself.
The Campus maryjanes in black and white are my bribe this fall for anything I can think of (-- well, shoes are pretty much always my bribe, if not books.) -- I can see you wearing those with some really cute white tights - ribbed, maybe.

Shannon said...

Black tights and a cute skirt. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Not lovely.
I had to wear saddle shoes in high school as part of my Catholic girl uniform.
Everyone wore loafers to school, kept the dirty never polished shoes in their lockers. My mother seeing that as stupid made me wear mine to school and my father polished them weekly.
I cringe whenever I see a pair.